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SmK is the definition of a "casual NON hardcore late night raiding guild" (thats a right mouthful, and Jeetro would know all about that), and that's the way we want to keep it, please bare this in mind if/when applying.  We want like minded people who want to see all the end game content WoW has to offer, but we want to do it with a smile on our face, serious bunnies need not apply as you will simply not fit in.

That said if you still think SmK is for you, then please use the join option above.  Remember that we don't know you so be sure to take your time to fill in your answers thoroughly - people will be making a first impression of you based on your application.

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Maloriak 1st Kill ()

BennehSmK, Mar 16, 11 3:16 PM.


Omnotron Defense System 1st Kill (06/03/11)

BennehSmK, Mar 8, 11 3:20 PM.

Magmaw 1st Kill (04/03/11)

BennehSmK, Mar 4, 11 3:53 AM.
Report to follow.

Lifecycle Waistguard - Gruffles
Akirus the Worm-Breaker - Killam

Argaloth Put Down

BennehSmK, Feb 18, 11 2:16 AM.
Last night saw SmK kick Horde ass and take back Tol Barad in what can only be described as a disaster for the Horde as they crumbled in less than 5 minutes.

We then went after Argaloth and 2 attempts later he too crumbled before us and handed us our first lvl85 raid kill!

Loot was handed out as follows:

Vicious Gladiator`s Cape of Prowess - Sypher
Vicious Gladiator`s Cord of Cruelty - Jodo

2 Weeks till Raid Time!!!

LynqSmk, Feb 14, 11 10:48 AM.
With only 2 weeks before we make our first Cataclysm entry in to 10man raiding; gearing is progressing at a nice pace....well if you discount Benneh from the raid list anyway!!

If anyone needs a specific instance, make a post and we will arrange to get it done asap!!
We are currently accepting applications for the classes listed below:

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